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Aerial Photo of a Forest

MACLC Counties

MACLC is comprised of 15 Counties across Northeast Minnesota.

Here is where you can contact or learn about each county...

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Counties are listed Alphabetically

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Dark Wood
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Aitkin County Land Commissioner

Managers of 220,000 acres of tax forfeited lands.

Recreation Opportunities on tax forfeited lands
    * ATV - Northwoods ATV
     * Snowmobiling
     * Ski trails
     * Campgrounds

Becker County Land Commissioner

Responsible for managing the county's nearly 75,000 acres of tax-forfeited lands. Our objective is to manage these lands in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable manner. This is accomplished through our forest management, land management, and recreation programs.

Beltrami County Land Commissioner

Manages over 146,500 acres of tax-forfeited land. This land is managed for recreation, natural resources, conservation, water/wetland protection, as well as wildlife conservation while also affording a steady economic return to the taxing districts.

Carlton County Land Commissioner

Management of approximately 72,000 acres of tax-forfeited land and

43.62 miles of County Owned abandoned Soo Line Trail.

Cass County Land Commissioner

Responsible for managing 255,000 acres of tax forfeited land in Cass County.

Clearwater County Land Commissioner

The Land and Forestry Department fulfills the County's obligation as trustee for the local governmental jurisdictions of Clearwater County by being a responsible steward who sustains the forest for future generations, generates income for the County and local governmental jurisdictions, and properly utilizes the land base and renewable forest resources to sustain the region's economic social well being.

Cook County Land Commissioner

Responsible for the management of state tax forfeit land trust and its forest resources for the economic, environmental and social benefit of Cook County and its long term sustainability.

Crow Wing County Natural Resources Manager


  • Administering land use controls that guide property development within the unincorporated areas of the county

  • Providing assistance on federal, state, and local regulations regarding wetlands, construction, and subdivision of land

  • Managing tax forfeit property for the county's forestry, recreation, and land asset management activities encompassing 105,000 acres of county public forest land.

Hubbard County Land Commissioner

Manages approximately 138,000 acres of tax forfeited land.  These lands are managed for the social, environmental, and economic benefit of the people of Minnesota; providing areas for public recreation, the production of natural resources such as timber products and aggregate,  wildlife habitat for game and non-game species, and water/wetland protection, all while providing a sustainable economic return to the local taxing districts.

Itasca County Land Commissioner

Committed to ensuring that the economic benefits and environmental integrity of the County's natural resources are available to both present and future generations. Active land management will provide a balance of benefits that include recreational opportunities, quality water, wildlife habitat, timber production, earthen materials, maintenance of ecological integrity as well as a monetary return to the tax forfeited trust for the local taxing districts.

Koochiching County Land Commissioner

Mission Statement:

“manage tax-forfeited land on a multiple-use, sustained yield basis to provide for the protection, enhancement, and utilization of the various natural resources for the benefit of county residents with consideration for others impacted by its management.”

Lake County Land Commissioner

Responsible for the administration and management of State tax-forfeit lands within the boundaries of Lake County, and is charged with the full range of land and timber resource management activities, including timber sales, forest management and development, and tax forfeited land administration.  It is the intent of Lake County Forestry to protect, develop and administer Lake County's land and timber resources to best meet the needs of county residents.  Natural resource management efforts will stress multiple-use and sustained yield principles, recognizing the importance of providing for a diverse mixture of resource uses and outputs over time.  Full and proper utilization of this resource will be carried out consistent with generally accepted social, economic and environment principles, and within the confines of all applicable administrative and State statutory guidelines.

Lake of the Woods County Land Commssioner

Supervises and coordinates the operation and activities of the County Planning and Resource Management Office and the Soil and Water Conservation District, and primarily reports to the County Board.

Develops strategies and allocates financial and personnel resources towards the achievement of the long-range goals of the SWCD and County Boards.

Pine County Land Commissioner

Responsible for the management of the approximately 48,000 acres of Tax Forfeited lands in Pine County. Tax Forfeited lands are lands held in trust by the State of Minnesota; they are not directly owned by the County but are classified, managed, and controlled locally by the County Land Department.

St. Louis County Land Commissioner

St. Louis County, through its Land & Minerals Department, manages just over 900,000 acres of State Tax-Forfeited Trust Lands to provide an optimal combination of available resources for the sustained benefit of the people of St. Louis County by establishing practical resource management programs based on responsible stewardship and sustainability.

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